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Get Started With WordPress

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Are you new with WordPress and you don’t know how to start with it? You just found one more guide on how to get started with WordPress.

What will you need?

To use WordPress you ‘ll need some services such as Apache, PHP, and MySQL on your PC. In this post, we will create a project with WordPress CMS locally. This means that we need to install the services we saw previously. Don’t be scared! The easy way to install these services is to install a software that does the job for us! For Windows systems, we use XAMPP, WAMPP, and LARAGON. For Apple systems we use MAMP. In this guide, we will use LARAGON on windows. For Apple systems, you can see more details here.

Let’s start!

I checked all three softwares before, so I decide to use LARAGON. In my opinion, it is the easiest of all three. First of all, we need to download LARAGON from here.

get started with WordPress 1

When it’s done we run the setup. The software will let us choose the setup language. Maybe a popup window of our antivirus software will appear that asks us if we know this program, we will choose to run the software anyway!

We choose Next

get started with WordPress 2

Here we can change the destination folder of the LARAGON, or we can use the default destination folder. Then we hit Next.

get started with WordPress 3

Here we see some options. We don’t want LARAGON to open with our PC so we uncheck the first checkbox and we press next.

get started with WordPress 4

Now we choose Install and we are waiting…

get started with WordPress 5

When it’s done we press finish and LARAGON will open.

get started with WordPress 6

We need to make some changes with the options here. Select the options icon on the top-right corner of the window and choose the second tab Services & Ports. Change the Apache port number from 80 to 8000 and close the options window.

get started with WordPress 8

Press Start All on the bottom-left corner and the services of Apache, PHP and MySQL will run so we can start using WordPress.

get started with WordPress 7

Right now we will look for a small icon on the right corner of our taskbar. It looks like a blue square.

Right click on it -> Quick App -> WordPress
Choose a name for your project now! DO NOT USE spaces on project’s name!
When its done with the download we will have two options.

get started with WordPress 11

On this photo, you will see laragonproject, its mine project name. You will see yours on your screen.
Now choose Visit Site.

Install WordPress

WordPress installation begins with the setup language. Choose your language and press Continue

get started with WordPress 12

WordPress will ask for a title and Administrators username, password and email. Use something easy, it’s a local installation so you don’t need to choose any difficult password. You can change later everything EXCEPT username.

get started with WordPress 13

Here is the last step before we log in to our WordPress site.

get started with WordPress 14

Press Log in

get started with WordPress 15

Fill in the Username and the Password, press login and you are in!

How will you come back?

If you want to close what you have done and you want to work another time the only thing you should do is to open Laragon again, press start all, go to a browser and type your project name like this: projectname.test:8000 and your website will appear. If you had logged out and you want to log in again you just type this url: projectname.test:8000/wp-admin

P.S. where projectname => yours project name.

Next, we will see which are the basic settings for our project.

Have fun!
See you Soon!


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