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Correct settings for your WordPress site

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In this post, we will see what to do after the installation of our WordPress project and which are the correct settings for your WordPress site.

If you are new here and you don’t know what is this all about, you can start with getting started with WordPress guide and
then you can follow this guide. If you are already familiar with WordPress and how to install a local server with a project then
you can proceed through this guide!

I’ll try to make it simple for you because we will see some more settings in other guides…

Let’s start!

First of all, you have to open the project that we ‘ve created previously. If you re already logged in its fine. For those who aren’t you can follow the last step of our previous guide.

As you can see when you are logged in, there is a house icon on the top navigation bar near your projects name. This option is a toggle option, when you click it you can view your page or click it again to go back to your dashboard.

WordPress Dashboard

On the left area of your screen, you will see some option. Here is the main menu of your website Content Management System.
From here you can create posts, pages, upload and manage your media like photos, videos, music and files, manage the comments of your posts, change themes, create your site menus, install or uninstall plugins, manage the users, use some built-in WordPress tools and finally change some settings of your site to be more friendly.

After the creation of a new project, my next step is to make some changes to the settings. I don’t say that is the right step for now but it works for me. If you select the settings option from the menu, WordPress will load the general settings page.

General Settings

On the general page, you can make some general changes 🙂

WordPress General Settings 1

Like your Site’s Title and your Site’s Tagline which is the motto of your company like LG ‘s motto which is Life is Good.
The Title and the Tagline most of the cases aren’t displayed because there is a logo instead of them. But you should fill in the inputs for some better SEO purposes. We won’t talk about SEO at this time.

After these settings, there are WordPress address and site address. Most of the times we don’t change anything here.

The next option is the email address. This email was the email that you had used while you created the project and you can change it from here.

The next two options are for the new users. If our site is a membership site you should check this checkbox and select carefully the new user default role. We don’t want the new users to be administrators like us.

WordPress General Settings 2

Last but not least on the general settings page we have the language, timezone, date format, time format and the first day of the week option.

I can’t tell you what option you should pick here.. For timezone pick where you live and for time and date format you can pick your favorite.

About the language, if you are not English you can choose your native language if it’s available. If it’s not you can be a contributor for WordPress through the and you can start to translate the WordPress versions to your language and of course some themes and plugin that you use more frequently.

When you ‘re done with the settings don’t forget to press Save changes.

The last setting that we will make one change are the Permalinks

WordPress Permalinks Settings

Permalinks are the URLs of your site. While you create a post or a page there must be a unique link that everyone can search for it and view what you want your users to see. Permalinks created automatically but you can choose yours if you want. Be careful to avoid duplicates links.

In permalinks settings, I prefer to select the Post name option. Every option is doing the same thing but the post name is the easiest for someone to remember! 😉 We want our customers and our users to remember the URL that they were visiting for marketing purposes!

Ohh… Don’t forget to Save changes!

That’s all for now, my next post will be about Project Gutenberg and WordPress version 5.

See you there! Have fun and be creative!

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